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At 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT we pride ourselves in being proactive and ahead of the curve when it comes to market information. Our extensive list of contacts combined with our positive relationships with teams and managers, allows us to guarantee our players the most favourable economic and logistical situation for the duration of their contract. In addition we utilise the newest Marketing techniques to ensure we can reach teams and managers in ways that make us uniquely competitive.

As an agency, we do our upmost to prevent and avoid any unpleasant experiences. However, we cannot control for all eventualities and so in the instance of non-payment or any other unacceptable situation, we assure our client that we will provide legal assistance in a timely and effective manor.

Our agency also specialises in understanding the procedures necessary to be able to acquire either Italian or other European citizenship.

SUPPORT and ASSISTANCE when you need it

We continue to promote the attributes and success of our athletes through our extensive network of contacts on a continuing basis. This includes up to date profiles on our website and the latest news on our social feeds. We are committed to providing a complete view of your possibilities as an athlete, which includes but is not limited to sponsorships from the most prestigious international brands.

We also understand the difficulty of moving to a new country and ensure we follow our players step-by-step to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. We resolve any problems or uncertainties effectively and efficiently, which means our phones are turned on 24 hours a day to resolve any issue that requires our intervention.

For the Teams

13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENTalso works to advise teams in recruiting the most suitable player, at the budget they can afford. This means finding alignment of a player with not only their technical abilities but also their character, to ensure the best chance of success. Through knowing our players personally we can ensure that we recommend a positive match on both of these variables. Over the years we have brought many talented players to Italy that have allowed teams to secure many trophies.

If you’re looking for a player to enhance your team, we’re sure that we have the right idea for you!

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