13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT is a global, full-service management agency. Representing 100% female athletes, it is our top priority to provide all of our clients with the highest quality assistance both on and off the court, placing the satisfaction of our athletes as our number one goal. We are a team who loves and lives for the game of basketball and enjoy every aspect of our job. Honesty, passion and competence are something we pride ourselves in at 13 BM and we believe it is the key to our success in helping our players to develop their skills in order to have a successful professional career. Each of our clients has an equal level of importance to us, which guarantees each of them full time personal assistance when needed. As a result of being so dedicated to each of our clients, we are selective about the athletes we choose to represent and ultimately look to attract those with the same level of commitment to the game as ours.

Since 2011, 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT signed clients in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Malta, UAE, Jordan, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Chile. We help players from every corner of the world to achieve their dreams of become successful basketball professional players.



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Marco, was born in Brindisi (Italy) and has a 20 year experience as a basketball player in Italian semi pro leagues. since 2002 he has the coach license, and in this role, he operates with several club as responsable of their juniors programs. In the last years he decided to embrace a new activity inside the basketball world and he became an enrolled IP agent.
Inside 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT he’s in charge of everything that concerns with female basketbal and in detail he personally follows all our Italian clients and all the international players who play in Italy. His enthusiasm, professionalism, passion along with his unequaled capacity of take care of personal relationship with teams and clients, they has converted him in one of the most qualificated agents in the Italian market.


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Paola takes care of all the legal work inside 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT’S organization. She represent our client’s interest in front of FIBA, Italian Basketball Federation and other associations. She graduated in law in 2001, is a huge fan of basketball, especially of “her” Dinamo Sassari. All the contracts of 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT pass from her desk. He speaks fluent Spanish and English.




Former professional player, he was born in Argentina, but he lives in Sardinia most of the time. His work inside 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT is to scout international market searching quality players who shares our same genuine passion for the game. During his career he gave a chance to more than 250 players from several countries to become professional players almost in every corner of the world.

The rest of his work is to help our international clients during the season with any problem or need they may have.

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