13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT was founded in 2012 as a partnership between licensed FIBA Agent and lawyer, Paola Marras and accredited FIP Agent Marco Florio. Since 2014 the Agency has been responsible for representing players not only in Italy but practically everywhere a ball bounces. Over the course of the last few years we have worked diligently to integrate our services among the best European agencies.

It is important and integral to us that each player we work with has equal importance; we protect them with the same level of commitment, follow their success with the same passion and make it our priority to assist them in reaching their sporting and personal goals.

Our intention is to build a relationship with our players to ensure we can follow and understand each and every need. We have seen and continue to endeavour for these relationships to extend beyond that of a business transaction. We intend to build a level of trust and friendship that can last over time. We at 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT we that the player is the heart of our business and so we act accordingly.

Our promise to our players is that they will always receive all of our experience, candidness and motivation for success because for us, like you, basketball is life!

FIBA AGENT 202000175 - FIP AGENT 001129


Marco embraced the idea of 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT in March 2012 bringing all his experience of many years inside the basketball world. In 2015 becomes an agent recognized by the Italian Basketball Federation, becoming year after year one of the most influent agent of the Italian and european basketball.

His hard work dealing the best contractual conditions for our clients is fundamental to guarantee them the best conditions in every negotiation, he is the architect of the exponential growth of the quantity and the quality of our clients. His care of human relationships with athletes, as well as with the various professionals involved in the basketball world is one of the keys of his success.

His History:
Becomes Junior level coach
Becomes Coach for the Italian Basketball Federation.
Finish his career as basketball player.
Joins 13 Basketball Manager as collaborator.
Becomes a basketball agent for the Italian Basketball Federation.

LAWYER - FIBA AGENT 2009021582 - FIP AGENT 001071


Paola is the person in charge of all the legal situations inside 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT, she represent our agency in front of FIBA, FIP and other national federations. She graduated in law in 2001is a huge basketball fan, especially of “her” Dinamo Sassari. She was one of the first women to become FIBA agents in 2009.
All 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT contracts pass through her desk, as well as insurance practices and everything that needs a legal opinion.
She speaks fluently Spanish and English.

Her History:
Starts her work in the world of basketball joining BasquetdelSur
Degree in Law at Università di Sassari
2001 - Presente
Start her work in Studio Legale Marras as Lawyer.
Becomes a FIBA agent
2009 - Presente
Starts her work at 13 Basketball Management
Becomes an agent for the Italian Basketball Federation (FIP)

Scout & Player's Personal Assistant


For nearly two decades professional basketball player in Italian Serie A and Argentina.

Jorge brings to 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT his knowledge of the game and his flair in detect talent, his work allows us to always be at the forefront interesting players around Europe, Africa, USA and South America.

In his career he helped players as Emanuel Ginobili, Carlos Delfino, Demian Filloy,Florencia Chagas, Maimouna Diarra, Mario Ghersetti and many many others to start their professional basketball career.

His story:
1985 - present
Becomes a center and decides that that this will be his only "official" role in the basketball world. For more than 30 years he has been working day after day to make the dreams of boys and now girls that want to become professional basketball players, He protect and guide them through the tough world of professional basketball.