Jorge Nelson Rifatti.

Our talent discoverer!

With a career that lasted nearly two decades as a professional basketball player in both the Italian Serie A and Argentina, Jorge stands as a seasoned athlete, bringing a wealth of experience to 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT.

His exceptional blend of game knowledge and a discerning eye for talent is a cornerstone asset to our team. His unwavering dedication ensures that we consistently stay ahead in identifying promising players across Europe, Africa, the USA, and South America.

Throughout his career, Jorge has played a pivotal role in shaping the professional basketball journeys of renowned players such as Emanuel Ginobili, Carlos Delfino, Demian Filloy, Florencia Chagas, Maimouna Diarra, Mario Ghersetti, Blanca QuiƱonez and many others.

Jorge’s passion for the game, establishes him as an indispensable asset in fulfilling our mission at 13 BASKETBALL MANAGEMENT. With his guidance, we persistently strive to discover, nurture, and elevate the next generation of basketball talents.